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Application Steps

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Application Guidance

Application Process 

Applications are open to both current GSF members and non-members who fulfil all criteria in the eligibility checklist. Applicants will be required to submit information on their programmes for FLN through an online application (Round 1). Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by a panel of experts, the Investment Committee (Round 2), who will make final recommendations on the top organisations.  


Applying to the Labs as a GSF Member 

GSF members should review the application process, download the application form, and then submit the completed application form including relevant documents, to the application portal.


Applying to the Labs as a Non-member 

Non-members must complete two separate applications. First, they need to fill out the GSF membership application, which is a prerequisite for being considered for acceptance into the Labs. Second, they should complete the Labs' application to become eligible for participation in the Impact at Scale Labs. To apply for GSF membership, click here. Please prepare the following documents for submission when applying for GSF membership. 

  1. Logo 
  2. Child Safeguarding Policy 
  3. Certificate Of Incorporation and 
  4. The Signed Membership Agreement (to be downloaded on the membership application page) 
  5. Two referees  

After completing your application, you will receive an email confirmation. Please take a screenshot of this and attach it to your Labs application.  


Impact at Scale Labs Application Form Instructions  

All applicants must fill out the Impact at Scale Labs application form to be considered for the Global FLN Impact at Scale Labs. Please download the application application form here.  

  1. All application documents should be submitted as one PDF document. To submit additional documents such as CVs, publications etc., please click here to access the tool to merge your documents into one PDF. See all the documents to submit in the application form. Please examine the PDF document after you download it to ensure it contains all the information you wish to share. Keep additional documents to a minimum. 
  2. Please name the final PDF document you wish to submit thusly: Name of Organisation-Labs Application - Year. E.g. GlobalSchoolsForum-LabsApplication-2024
  3. Click here to access the application portal and upload the application form. Ensure you complete all questions on the portal before submitting.  



Application Portal  

Please note all applications must be submitted through the application portal. No applications sent by e-mail or any other channels will be accepted for evaluation.  

The application portal comprises:  

  1. Contact Information 
  2. Application form upload section  
  3. Application documents checklist  
  4. Application Survey: Short Feedback on the application process 

Please note that there is only one upload section for the application document. Thus, all documents must be merged into one when submitting. Please read the information in the Application Form Instructions again.  

If you have any questions, please reach us via email.