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Selection Framework - Global FLN Labs

Selection Framework


To select and support organisations in the Labs, we use an adapted version of the DVF framework. Organisations that score well on the various elements of the DVF have a larger likelihood of progressing their application.  

The application process is an opportunity for us to engage with organisations, understand their stage, and existing challenges, and determine potential areas of support through the programme. However, we recommend familiarising yourself with the framework before developing the application to ensure the best chance of progressing. 


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In the first round of online applications, a higher weight will be given to parameters under ‘Desirability’, to understand the fitment of your solution and the opportunity for catalytic impact through participation in the Labs programme. During the second stage, an investment committee will interview shortlisted candidates and they will pay more attention to the viability and feasibility of the solutions.  


Please see the Scoring Rubric which will be used to assess your online application below.