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Global Schools Forum creates impact by strengthening its community and the education sector, improving education outcomes for marginalised and resource-poor children in low and middle-income countries around the world.  




Non-state organisations are delivering better outcomes for their learners



Non-state sector is recognised and valued by governments as integral part of national education systems



Education systems in LMICs are able to provide quality education, including to the most underserved

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Learn about our key achievements and highlights, including from our most recent financial year (2022-23). Discover how we build a global learning community, support organisations to scale and build evidence, and shape global discourse.  

96 percent of GSF members agreed that their organisation benefitted from being in the GSF community as a network of peers.

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Delivering impact for organisations in our community

60 percent of organizations in the GSF community strongly agreed that GSF enables connections and collaborations across the organisations in its community.

"GSF has done an impressive job growing its membership whilst maintaining its unique sense of comradery. The community is more diverse than ever, and PEAS has learned a lot from inspiring new members this year. that the GSF community embodies the values of openness, sharing and collaboration of respondents would recommend GSF to other non-State education organisation." Laura Brown, CEO, PEAS.

83 percent of participants agree that the tools provided through the Labs are useful for their scale-up strategy.

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Delivering impact by supporting education innovations to scale

"The experimental nature of the Lab is really useful and encourages iterative testing and continuous learning which will bring Sabre to a point where we are confident enough with our private school offering to take it to scale. The project has come at the right time for Sabre – we are in the first months of planning our scaling work with low-fee private schools." Michael Klutse, Senior Learning Manager, Sabre Education 

40 percent of organisations in the GSF community strongly agreed GSF has increased the visibility of non-state education providers in the global education policy and planning frameworks.

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Delivering impact through strengthened education systems

"The Global Schools Forum has emerged as a leading player in the global conversation about quality education for all, shedding light on the pivotal role that all non-state actors play in this endeavor. Furthermore, GSF has evolved into a complete ecosystem where organizations from all five continents can connect, collaborate, innovate, and learn from one another, promoting collective learning and expediting impactful innovations on a large scale." Pablo Jaramillo Quintero, GSF Board Member and CEO Alianza Educativa