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Creating Clarity for Impact at Scale

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Creating Clarity for Impact at Scale

HundrED, Schools2030 and Global Schools Forum collaborate to help organisations scale innovative education solutions.

Scaling promising education solutions has the potential to change learning for children globally and move us towards the goal of quality education for all faster. Nevertheless, stakeholders tasked with scaling impactful innovations are met with barriers. These barriers arise from the ambiguity in navigating the vast expanse of information regarding scaling concepts, tools, and scale pathways. Additionally, determining the appropriate junctures for various stakeholders to engage further compounds these complexities.

While a multitude of frameworks and toolkits for scale exist, scaling concepts are not always clear and accessible enough to cater for the different types of stakeholders who are needed to scale impactful education innovations. As a result:

  • Teachers and school leaders often innovate in isolation and are not able to take an active role in scaling their solutions to others
  • Education practitioners struggle to scale their promising practices
  • Funders and governments who are key stakeholders for implementation at scale find it difficult to access evidence to make decisions on which solutions to scale up

This lack of clarity and support culminates in wasted resources and/or duplicated efforts, hampering the ecosystem’s efficiency.

Scaling education innovations

To address these challenges, Schools2030, HundrED, and Global Schools Forum have come together on the Scale Project, aiming to create clarity and enable key stakeholders, in particular practitioners to understand and navigate the various pathways to scaling impactful education solutions within and beyond their context.

Schools2030 is an innovative teacher-led programme based in 1,000 government schools across ten countries. HundrED gives recognition and visibility to practitioners who are driving innovative, impactful, and scalable approaches in education all around the world; and Global Schools Forum is a collaborative community of non-state organisations working to improve education at scale for underserved children in low- and middle-income countries. The GSF community includes over 100 organisations, spanning more than 60 countries, collectively reaching over 200,000 schools and centres and impacting 18 million children.

The project is underway, and the consortium is actively engaged in gathering and comprehending the existing literature. They are also collecting data and evidence from within their vast practitioner communities. The goal is to finalize this endeavour by December 2024, delivering a concise typology. This typology aims to aid ecosystem stakeholders, particularly practitioners, in comprehending scale pathways and making informed decisions regarding them.

Schools2030, HundrED and Global Schools Forum

Schools2030, HundrED, and Global Schools Forum are thrilled to join forces on this initiative, blending our strengths to collaborate both within and beyond this group. Aiming to engage with the larger ecosystem, we warmly invite you to closely follow this journey. Stay tuned!

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