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International Day of Education

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The Global Schools Forum community now extends to 111 organisations spanning 60 countries, collectively reaching over 236,000 schools, centres and education support organisations impacting 16.9 million children globally. To celebrate International Day of Education, we asked organisations from our community to share messages with us on their biggest achievements from 2023 and ambitions for 2024. From Guatemala to Colombia, Zambia to India, It has been incredibly inspiring to hear from organisations in our community on their achievements from last year, and aspirations for the year ahead. We hope you enjoy listening to these inspiring videos and stories from our community!


Juan Camilo Potes, Commercial and Partnerships Director, AeioTU

Aga Khan Schools

Atifa Sayani, Head of Academic Programmes, Aga Khan Schools

Children in Crossfire

Matthew Banks, Head of Programmes and Strategic Direction, Children in Crossfire

Christel House

Adri Marais, Chief Executive Officer, Christel House

Ed Partners Africa

Betty Mulemi, Social Impact Manager, Ed Partners Africa

Kurasa Africa

William Nguru, Founder and CEO, Kurasa Africa

2023 Highlight: In 2023, Kurasa Africa achieved a groundbreaking milestone with the launch of Kurasa 2.0. This platform enhancement has been a game-changer in education. We achieved reach of over 22,000 learners across 17 counties, including Kiambu, Nairobi, Kajiado, Nakuru, and Mombasa. We have empowered more than 1,400 teachers, working diligently in 391 classrooms across 38 schools. A testament to our impact is the staggering number of daily assessments conducted - approximately 7.9k, marking a 95% growth from Q1 to Q2. Overall, we've facilitated over 3.3 million formative assessments and helped teachers prepare more than 100,000 lesson plans, significantly enhancing teaching efficiency and learning outcomes.

2024 Ambition: For 2024, Kurasa Africa is ambitious about further expanding our educational influence. Our vision encompasses intensifying our platform's reach, especially in regions that traditionally have limited access to such technology. We aim to make a profound difference in the way education is delivered and experienced, focusing on integrating parents more actively into the educational journey of their children and strengthening our analytics for more insightful educational strategies. Our goal is to build a more cohesive, data-driven educational ecosystem, making quality education accessible and impactful for every learner. We are driven by the vision of technology like Kurasa being an integral, transformative force in education, bringing about a dynamic and inclusive shift in learning paradigms.

Limitless Horizons Ixil

Heather White, Director of Development and Communications, Limitless Horizons Ixil. 

Highlight for 2023: After opening our new school, Colegio Horizontes, in Chajul, Guatemala in January 2022, our accomplishment last year was that we fully staffed and trained all our middle school educators! The team is primarily women, indigenous, and from the local communities.

Ambition for 2024: As this year is our first year with all three middle school classes (grades 7-9 in Guatemala) and over 70 students, we are now looking ahead to plan for 2025! This coming year we will be preparing for our first high school class who will begin in January 2025. We will be developing our high quality, culturally appropriate curriculum this year, while also constructing our new classrooms.  


Jessica Laing, Business Development Manager, NABU

Promoting Equality in African Schools (PEAS)

Beatrice Likando, Zambian Country Director, PEAS


Grace Matlhape, CEO, SmartStart


Joseph Runyambo, Communications Officer, UGEAFI

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