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New Learning Framework

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New Learning Framework to support and strengthen the GSF community

Why was the framework developed? 

Since its inception, as the GSF team has listened to and learned from our community, we have identified key priorities and challenges for organisations and schools as they aim to deliver quality education for children in underserved contexts. Over the past few years, we have designed and delivered convenings, learning events and communities of practice to help organisations address these priorities and challenges.

Now, as we move into our next phase of growth, we wanted to provide structure to how we drive learning across the network. Through conversations with individual organisations and focus group discussions, we have created a framework for learning that will guide our work in supporting and strengthening the GSF community.

GSF Learning Framework

What is it?

The framework is our attempt to capture levers that will strengthen organisations and schools and thereby improve educational access, equity and quality for all children. The framework is divided across four domains – system, organisation, leadership and school – and further sub-divided into key levers within these domains.

The framework will support the GSF team and the community to:

  • Curate, and where necessary create, a readily accessible repository of resources for the community to address questions and challenges;
  • Lead a collaborative process of developing solutions and evidence where questions are under-addressed, lack contextualization, require impact measurement, or have not been scaled; and
  • Engage with diverse stakeholders in the education ecosystem to disseminate learning and evidence and drive collective action.

How will we use this framework? 

  • Design and deliver learning events: We will use the levers listed within the framework to design our communities of practice, identify themes and sessions for our Annual Meeting.
  • Build a repository of resources: We will curate evidence of what works across these domains that will be easily accessible to our community. Where resources do not exist or are under-developed, we will work with our community to identify and build tools that can be used by practitioners across contexts.
  • Map our community: We will map our community across these domains and levers, identifying organisations who have built expertise in specific areas. This will allow our community to engage with each other more directly to collaborate, learn and solve collective problems.
  • Collect data and evidence: We will identify good practices across these levers, collect data and evidence from our community and share what works to the community.

We hope this framework provides our community a way through which they can engage with each other and GSF. The framework is iterative and we would be happy to receive feedback and your comments on how we can use this framework to strengthen the community further. Over the next few months we will roll out a series of communities of practice and resources based on the framework. We would love to co-design and deliver many of these with you, so if you are interested in developing resources or learning events with GSF, do reach out.

If you have thoughts or comments, you can write to Kavita or Ajay.

Click below to download the Learning Framework.

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