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Impact at Scale Labs

Impact at Scale Labs - Innovations For Learning Recovery

Impact at Scale Labs - Innovations For Learning Recovery is supporting organisations with solutions that improve learning recovery post COVID-19.

The Impact at Scale Labs - Innovations For Learning Recovery programme offers:

  • Intensive support: The GSF team network works with organisations to build and implement their scale strategy.   
  • Funding: £80,000 towards making the organisation’s scaling action plan a reality.  
  • Extended duration with no “cliff-edge”: Our intensive support lasts 18 months after which organisations continue to engage and learn as part of the GSF community.  
  • A focus on evidence: We measure and share evidence about each solution’s impact and about the scaling process. 
  • Relationships for scale: We support organisations to embed solutions in the broader system and connect them with funders. 


Dignitas' LeadNow innovation is a tech tool to support remote coaching of school leaders and enhance school-based teacher development in Kenya. 

Gyan Shala

Gyan Shala

Gyan Shala's Affordable Private Schools Learning Quality Improvement programme is a learning process school model for affordable private schools in India. 

Sabre Education

Sabre Education

Sabre Education’s Transformational Teacher Training (TTT) programme aims to train kindergarten teachers in how to teach children through play in low-fee private schools across Ghana.

Meet the semi-finalists

The first Impact at Scale Labs programme had a competitive application process from strong innovations. During our selection process, we identified 9 other innovations delivering COVID 19 learning recovery to children in low income communities.  

Each finalist organisation is supported by a diverse panel of experts.

Ian Attfield

Regional Education Adviser, Girls Education Challenge, South Asia.

Dr Julie Bélanger

Director, Better Purpose

Aman Bhaiya

Asst. Vice President & Program Head, SBI Foundation

Stephen Caleb Opuni

Country Director, IDP Foundation Ghana

Kigen Chelimo

Principal at Open Capital Kenya

Krista Davidson

Executive Director of Injini Africa's EdTech Accelerator & Think Tank

John Gougoulis MEd, FAIM

Director, Yanos Education Consultancy

Sonia Guerriero

Senior ECD & Education Specialist, UNESCO

Dr Asyia Kazmi OBE

Global Education Policy Lead, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Nirav Khambhati

Managing Partner, Kaizenvest

Prof Dr Stuart Kime

Co-founder and Director Of Education, Evidence Based Education

Swati Kumari

Associate Principal, Sattva Consulting

Diana Mwai

Program Director, Social Impact Strategist, Partnerships and ESG enthusiast at Educate!

Maud Seghers

Global Strategic Education Advisor VVOB – education for development

Marion Smallbones

Lead Advisor: Insights and Innovation

Meera Tendolkar

Director of Math Content & Training, Pratham Education Foundation

Ciku Mbugua

Kenya Country Lead and Innovation Manager, EdTech Hub

Harmik Wilkho

Founding Partner, BecauseYOU

Impact at Scale Labs 1 organisations were selected with the support of an Investment Committee.

Aashti Zaidi Hai

CEO, Global Schools Forum

Dr. Albert Dupigny

Senior Adviser, Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education in Sierra Leone

Audrey Pessot

Associate Impact Finance / Compliance Officer, TRECC - Jacobs Foundation

Cédrine Gisin

Associate Director, Philanthropic Programs, UBS Optimus Foundation

Noam Angrist

Executive Director, Youth Impact, Fellow, University of Oxford

Titise Kode

Head of Education, Vitol

Impact at scale labs 2: early years in Kenya

The Impact at Scale Labs - Early Years programme seeks to identify and support locally led and scalable programmes for children aged 0-6 years in Kenya.