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Global Schools Forum is a vibrant, innovative and collaborative community of 123 education organisations working across 60 countries in South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

GSF's Annual Meeting in Johannesburg

The Global Schools Forum community

Global Schools Forum is a collaborative community of some of the world’s most impactful, innovative, and equity-focused organsiations from around the world. The community comprises:

A network of schools or ECD centres and stand-alone schools providing education directly to low-income communities. Typically, 10 to 50 schools in a regional network; the largest has 27,000.

Education support organisations, who support non-state schools by providing services, such as school leadership training or financial tools. Education support organisations typically work with a hundred to a few thousand schools. 

Our community

Our 123 organisations span 60 countries globally, collectively running or supporting more than 252,772 schools who provide quality education to over 22.4 million children. Use the search below to filter organisations by geography or focus.  


Teacher Development | School Leadership Development | School Development

Education Support Organisation


Learn more about the benefits of joining GSF and how being part of our collaborative community can support your organisation.